These are some of our most common questions, but if you have more, don't hesitate to contact us.

What is an arbitration swarm?

Very simply, it's a situation where you have dozens, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of clients, but you cannot conduct a class action for some reason.  As a result, you need to find an efficient way to file a large number of cases at once, and you need someone to help you locate, communicate with, and gather records from those clients.

Are our communications with you confidential?

Yes, we treat all communications with Red Dragon, LLC as though you are a client of a law firm.  We do not tell anyone anything and we will not steal your idea.  We want to make your project a success.

How do I handle so many cases at once?

If you're like the law firm I, Ben Sheridan, own and work for, there is no way you could effectively handle 1,000 new cases at the same time.   There is not enough attorney time in the firm to make it happen.  That's where you need friends.

We work with the law firm of Bailey Glasser, LLP to help you get the friends you need to make your case a reality.  Bailey Glasser, LLP has experience conducting arbitration swarms and has the staffing to make sure that your cases are appropriately staffed.  Don't let size be an obstacle.

What is involved in the average arbitration swarm?

Typically, there are several pieces to a swarm.

First, we have to figure out how many cases you want to handle at a time, and whether or not your case is a good fit for a swarm.  Then, we have to build out a the web presence and intake form for your swarm so that we have somewhere to direct potential clients to as we locate them and as a way to gather basic information.

Next, we will locate your potential clients through a custom built and administered advertising strategy.

Red Dragon will then, through systems put in place in consultation with you will get the potential clients to the filing stage, while weeding out files that are not serious about committed to taking action.

From there, you administer your swarm through the case management system we setup that does everything you need from notes to time and expense tracking.

We make your swarm turnkey.

How much will this cost me?

Up front, generally, very little to nothing.

Red Dragon bases its fee on a modest percentage of the attorneys' fees awarded.  The actual percentage may vary based on how much administration you need us to do, but typically, it would be around 15-20% of attorney's fees, and sometimes less.  The goal is to keep administrative costs as low as possible, and we try to set a fee quote that is reasonable in light of the labor cost of administering the case.  In fee shifting cases, you may even be able to get the Red Dragon cost reimbursed in addition to the attorneys' fees by the Respondent.

We can also bill by the hour.

Most firms will find our rate to be reasonable, given the amount of individualized service they receive and the complexity in handling arbitration case administration effectively.